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Why Just Practice Yoga When You Can LIVE YOGA!?

Why Just Practice Yoga When You Can LIVE YOGA!?

When I first began my yoga journey, I knew very little about the poses, sequences, flows and different types of yoga that existed. It seemed that there were endless different styles, studios and not to mention the fact that yoga teachers always seemed to be speaking in a completely different language!

Initially, it was all very daunting and to be completely honest, slightly overwhelming. People would chant random words loudly and in unison at the start and finish of every class, everyone else seemed to know what they were doing and I was simply struggling to catch my breath, let alone distinguish my right side from my left while upside down and trying not to get distracted by what everyone else was doing.

It wasn’t until a year or two into my practice, when I finally started to get a hold of the flows, poses and classes that I began learning about an entirely new side to yoga. 

I had only ever known the physical side of yoga. I assumed it was a way to sweat, workout and make yourself feel fit, healthy and strong (which it is! Don’t get me wrong!). But it is also so much more than that. Yoga is not just a way of moving, but also of thinking, speaking, breathing, eating and being! Yoga is a way of LIVING!



Yoga is such an amazing thing, active in every aspect of our presence, being and existence.

It is a practice. A practice of strength, determination and discipline. But also a practice of stillness, relaxation, control and submission.

It is a balance. An understanding of when to push ourselves and when to surrender. And an understanding that there is positive growth in both of these options.

Yoga is a release. A way of removing negative energy, detoxifying both the body and the mind and rinsing our souls of ills and ails. 

It is an awareness.

It is an awareness of ourselves; past, present and potentially our future self. But it is also an awareness of others and the way we move, relate, communicate, love and live with and amongst each other. It encourages self analysis and questioning. It encourages growth, change and introspection, making room for transformation both internally and externally. 

It is a way of thinking.

Thinking kinder, lighter, selflessly, wholeheartedly.

A way of speaking.

Speaking the truth, speaking honestly and speaking fearlessly.

A way of hearing.

A way of hearing, not only what people say, but also what they MEAN.

A way of breathing.

Breathing gently. Breathing softly. And breathing in a way that encourages calm amongst ourselves but also others. 

It is a way of seeing.

Seeing the world around us differently. Seeing goodness, colour and potential. Seeing hope and happiness. And also seeing ourselves, for exactly who and what we are. Free of ridicule, negativity and criticism. Seeing ability over doubt. Seeing ourselves as the extraordinary beings that we are.

Yoga is a way of being.

A way of being present, being vulnerable, being strong, being capable, being willing, being resilient, being triumphant, being generous, being honest and most of all, being YOU.

Yoga is a way of life.

Breath, movement, playfulness, curiosity, acceptance, strength and change. 

And it is also an awakening of knowledge, insight, understanding, purpose, passion and presence. 

Yoga is an endless journey, unique to each and every one of us.

When we begin to learn that yoga is more than just fancy flows and super-skilled poses with funny-sounding names, we actually begin to exist in a different way.

Instead of just practicing yoga, we begin to LIVE yoga.

Love and Light,
Sjana x

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