SWEAT Summer Series Week 1

SWEAT Summer Series Week 1

I cannot believe it has already been a month since the launch of my BAM (Body And Mind) Yoga Program in the SWEAT app! Since you seem to be loving it so much (yay!), I’ve teamed up with SWEAT to create a little something extra for you.

Welcome to the SWEAT Summer Series. For the next four weeks there will be a workout blog with a video (which will also be available on my YouTube) for you to watch or join in as you wish!

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To spice it up, I’ve decided to focus on Yin yoga, which is a more calming, soothing, slow and restorative-style yoga. In Yin yoga, postures are held for longer. They can help to calm both the mind and nervous system while enabling you to turn your attention inwards and truly focus on the breath.

Personally, I find Yin yoga equally beneficial for the body, mind and soul. For the body, holding postures for longer periods of time can help to strengthen the muscles used, as well as deepening flexibility and range of motion.

 Yin yoga helps us to calm the mind and become focused on one thing. Yin yoga can be very challenging mentally, as we may become bored or uncomfortable and want to move. Part of the magic is noticing you are feeling this way, but not necessarily acting on it. Understand that thoughts are just thoughts, and they can come and go.

In relation to your soul, holding poses for extended periods of time often brings up a lot of emotions. As we ease into the poses, and our muscles release more deeply, we let go of physical tension. We also release emotional tension and stress; sometimes things we didn’t even know existed! 

Throughout each week of the series, the workout will focus on a different aspect of the body, such as hips, heart openers or hamstrings. This will give you a good taste of all the different poses!

Love and Light,

Sjana x

* Results from BAM may vary. Strict adherence to the program is required for best results.