New York City 2017

New York City 2017

New York City 2017
New York City

New York City

The name itself sounds the way it feels: exciting, electric and enticing!

A city of sleepless activities, chaotic cafes, busy people and endless traffic. A place that knows only extremes. Vanilla is not an option. Everything is bigger, everything is more expensive and everything seems slightly more awesome, simply because it is New York City! 

There is nothing about the Big Apple that is particularly sweet though. Hectic traffic causing you to constantly be fifteen minutes late, questionable characters, thick air, countless cab queues and a lingering scent somewhere inbetween designer perfume and week-old trash. 

NYC cab

Although this isn’t necessarily ideal, it is addictive and will always leave you wanting more. There is something undeniably magnetic about New York City.

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Usually I’d spend anywhere from two to five days in NYC and feel that is enough. Being more of a beach-bunny myself, the cement jungle can get to be a little too much after a while. This time, I did New York a little differently. I stayed an entire week, and I went in mid-summer. 

NY bodega

The warmer weather made it more enjoyable from the get-go and spending a little longer made it feel a little more liveable to be honest. It gave me some time to start living like a New Yorker and time to really appreciate the unique vibe.

NY Flower stalls

I found my feet, explored the city, figured out the streets and short cuts and found myself feeling comfortable with the chaos. Which was something I’d never have previously imagined was even possible! 

NY cafes

I found a few favourite cafés and a new yoga studio which I adored! If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, definitely try The Butchers Daughter Café & Restaurant and Sky Ting Yoga. Both are near China Town and have the most amazing vibes!

Sky Ting Yoga

Some other places to try are: 
- Peacefood (Try their raw Key lime pie or their vanilla cake for something sweet after your meal! Trust me, you won’t regret it!)
- Jack's Wife Freda (for dinner, zucchini chips and chopped salad as sides for sure!)
- Two Hands Restaurant (Aussie founded! Woo hoo!)
- Urban Kitchen 
- Café Blossom.

Sjana NYC visit

New York continues to surprise me. Every time I go, new doors open and I am forced to fall slightly more in love with it. Even the smells are growing on me now! I really can't wait to get back and spend more time there exploring the places, the arts, the events, the atmosphere and vibes.

This trip was amazing. And the next trip, I’m sure will only get better!

Love and light,
Sjana x

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