Food For The Soul

Food For The Soul


Last week, I attended a week-long women-only holistic health retreat in Bali. It was incredible to say the least!

The food though, was mind-blowing!

Being a health retreat, there is no alcohol and there is a big focus on wholesome eating. All of our meals were prepared on the premises by the chefs, made with love and served with the utmost care. All meals were full of fresh, whole, nutrient-rich foods. But this doesn't mean we ate lettuce every meal. No, in fact, it meant the opposite! We were consuming wholesome, vibrant, and nourishing foods. Each meal was an array of colours, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to help cleanse us from the inside out. Energising, delicious goodness! Whoever said "you are what you eat" truly knew what was up!


And of course, they easily catered for any allergies, intolerances and vegan/vegetarian diets. YAY! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and copious amounts of fresh fruit were always available, and we even had a few extra raw treats after we learned how to make them ourselves (NB the retreat has some excellent cooking classes!).

For more details on the retreat, check it all out here:


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