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Frequently Asked Questions: Sjana Elise

Frequently Asked Questions: Sjana Elise
Frequently asked questions

I thought answering some of the frequently asked questions I receive was a great way to say thank you to everyone for taking the time to get in touch! 

What yoga do you practice?

Physically, I mostly practice variations of Vinyasa yoga. Hot power yoga, Prana Vinyasa and just regular hot Vinyasa classes are what I do mostly, but in saying that I love experimenting and trying new kinds of yoga all the time! I don’t necessarily like to give it a name, I just practice how my body feels at the time. I show my body respect by either challenging it or softly surrendering, depending on what my body, mind and soul tell me they need.

However, yoga is so much more than just the postures. And I practice yoga daily both on and off the mat. I practice yoga in the way I think, communicate, move, breathe, eat, act and love. In this way, I practice LIFE yoga. The act of living with awareness, gratitude, kindness, love, compassion, understanding, grace and empathy. The act of living wholesomely.

Do you prefer hard/challenging or relaxing yoga?

BOTH! I think an essential part of yoga, and possibly the most important part, is the ability to listen to your body and understand what it truly NEEDS. Not what your mind wants. But what you as a whole human need in order to restore balance to your body, mind and soul. 

Some days it may be that you are in need of a challenge; a physically challenging class, building lots of internal fire and feeling the burn. Or you may find you need something to challenge your mind. Something that tests your memory, or even forces you to hold postures longer than is comfortable. And other times you may need to respect that you need rest and decide to take it slow, come to child's pose a lot or possibly for the majority of your time.

To me, yoga is all about listening to your body and getting back in tune with the natural ebbs and flows we go through. Understanding that our bodies, minds and souls are constantly changing and growing, and with this comes an array of different emotions and needs at different times. Some days we might feel strong and confident, others we might be under the weather, or feeling insecure, doubtful or lethargic. Knowing when to push and when to let go can be one of the most advanced sorts of practice there is! 

If you're interested in starting yoga for the first time, have a read of my top tips for yoga beginners!

Did you have any imaginary childhood friends?

Yes and no. Because she was real! Only if other people wanted to play with us, they would have to imagine her being there. The day after my Oma (grandma) passed away I had a ‘friend’ called Angel, who was around for about two years.

Have you ever taken a dance class?

Yeah! I did ballet from the age of about three or four years old. I stopped because coordination and grace didn’t come easy to me and I decided to take up gymnastics instead. 

Favourite movie?

Anything funny or anything romantic that makes you cry. 

What camera do you use?
I have a few different cameras. I mostly use my iPhone. The majority of my Instagram pics and videos are taken using only my iPhone!

I have a Canon 7D and a few different lenses for it. I’ve also got a vlogging camera, which is a Sony I believe. It’s smaller and has a flip screen for selfie videos.

For some travel shots I use GoPros. I like the GoPro 4 Silver best! It has a touch screen on the back and it’s super simple to use! I also have a Knekt dome port which I use for the half-half water shots. I also just bought (and then broke) a Mavic drone from DJI. 

How tall are you?

175 cm tall, or 5'9”.

Favourite mindfulness exercise?

I think blindfolded yoga! Or blindfolded eating! It’s amazing how different the experience is when you don’t have your sight.

Have you ever been skydiving?

Sure have! Twice! Once in Sydney and once at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast. I love it! But I don’t find it scary as such (which is kind of disappointing!). It’s just a good laugh and a GREAT view!

How many coffees do you drink each day?

I don’t actually drink coffee. I love the smell of coffee shops, but I don’t like and have never liked the taste of coffee. I’m more of a tea girl. Actually, I’m a bit of a tea addict, haha! Or I might have a soy chai latte if I’m in the mood.

What is your favourite kind of tea?

Peppermint tea for sure! However, I adore almost anything herbal. I’m not a huge fan of green or even black teas, but I will still drink them if there is nothing else ☺ 

I just love, love tea so much, haha. It’s like a hug in a cup! Even if there isn’t a tea bag available, I will also gladly just drink hot water.

Favourite place to travel to?

Ooh. Tough question! There are so many places. To be honest I think my favourite places are the ones I haven’t been to yet! They are still full of so much mystery and unknown excitement and memories to be made. 

But I LOVE travelling anywhere hot and tropical, so I enjoy visiting Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Maldives etc. Give me saltwater, sunshine and sand and I am a happy woman. But I am also so curious to experience anything and everything the Earth has to offer — I  would equally love to spend time in Antarctica or the Arctic Circle as well.

Were you always so flexible? 

Yes and no. I was never as flexible as I am now! That has come with consistent practice, determination and self-discipline. However, I also have never been so cramped and stiff that I couldn’t touch my toes, haha! 

I did gymnastics when I was little, and I was more strong and powerful than I was flexible. I did gymnastics for six years and never really improved past a certain point. But I am now living proof that with the right mindset and commitment you can make slow and steady progressions in all areas of your fitness, skills and agility, including flexibility. 

I’m still not anywhere near my own flexibility goals, but I do have ridiculously high expectations of myself and I enjoy aiming high. I figure if I ‘aim for the moon I will always land amongst the stars’. That was one of my favourite quotes when I was younger.

Love and light,

Sjana x

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